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Top Benefits for Switching from Windows to a Linux OS in 2019

Ideally, 1.84 computer users have Linux of the total computers that have been connected to the internet. Nevertheless, you find that as the years go on, there are a lot of people that are switching from Windows to Linux. For the sake of knowing the benefits of switching from Windows to a Linux OS, deliberate to visit this website and get more details.

Having Linux getting out of your way is one of the merits of considering to switch from Windows to Linux OS. There is a likelihood of you being accustomed to this already, nonetheless, windows contains countless features available in your face daily. For instance, they want you to sign in to your Microsoft account for more advantages. They possess that Cortana what all the time prefers helping you any time you search anything on your computer.

Another benefit of switching from windows to Linux is that installing the software on Linux is a bit easier than installing software on Windows. Moreover, you will note that with a Linux OS, no .exe file will you be advised to download. Another thing that makes it beneficial to switch from Windows to Linux is that it is secure. You always have to get anti-virus protection when using Windows since it can easily be infected with viruses. If you want to find more details, you can view the detail for yourself. However, you will be safe when you consider using Linux as your operating system. There are no viruses in the world of Linux. When it comes to the security of the operating system Linux has no equal.

Switching to Linux from Windows is preferable since you do not have to pay anything for it. If you do not consider switching from Windows to Linux for any other reason then, the price tag of free will. Yes, you discover that Linux is free of charge operating system. It is possible to get all the good features in Linux for a price of nothing. On the other hand, you may have to use around 0 to upgrade Windows.

You may also have to consider going for Linux over the Windows operating system since the updates are worth it. You might get disturbed whenever you discover that Windows has a new update. You seem to update your computer now and then. However, you will always be notified when it comes to Linux updates. It is not compulsory for you to restart your computer even though it might be a necessity for some updates. With Linux again, when you update, you do it even to the other software in your PC besides the operating system.