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Strategies you can Employ and Become a Destiny 2 Ultimate Guardian.
Virtual gaming is one of the most enjoyed hobbies by millennials with some making it their income generating activity. Among the most popular virtual games released recently is Destiny 2 popular for its top end graphics and great player experience. If you are looking to become an ultimate guardian to the Destiny 2 game, here are some strategies you can employ.
A fundamental way of becoming an ultimate guardian is by unlocking the mystery of engram colors within the game. These colors pop up from treasure chests and enemies. You will find rare and common color engrams based on their color codes as you play the game. With regard to how the color engrams range from, there are white the most common, green, blue, purple and yellow which are exotic. It is possible to obtain the engrams through purchases enabled by micro-transactions and also you can earn them as experience points.
Leveling up is also another strategy you can use in becoming an ultimate guardian. The game has twenty levels and a maximum power level of six hundred which is determined by the average state of your armor and weapon and is also a determinant to your entry into endgame level activities. You can boost your power levels by going to the crucible and strike matches where you can earn tokens which once presented to the faction leader. Once you present the tokens you rank is raised to a faction leader which leads you to be presented with the legendary engram containing a legendary amour price and weapons. Loots from fellow participants and weekly milestones are also an opportunity you can use to boost power and upgrade your weapons.
You can also become an ultimate guardian by befriending Xur. You get access to powerful guns and amour by befriending Xur. Xur sells these items every Friday at random points of the game within caves, on top of trees it is possible to track Xur down via the gaming map.
You should consider teaming up with other players as the enemies in this game are quite hard to beat. Taking shots at your enemies during gameplay leads to them responding quickly and this can see you take a beating and for this reason, take a step of teaming up as two is always better than one. When playing as a team of multiple players, you are able to split into smaller teams of two and go on tackling different tasks at the same time. The awarding of points is also done equally will all players geared towards a similar objective gaining the same points once they achieve it.
Lastly, you can do frequent patrols around the game as this gives you a chance to familiarize with the different aspects of the game. Follow the above guidelines and you will see yourself become an ultimate guardian of the Destiny 2 game.