6 Common Causes of Divorce


Divorce is an undesirable condition and tends to be avoided by every married couple. Moreover, when the couple already has children, the decision to divorce will certainly be considered repeatedly. This is done so that every decision taken is the best choice for each party, including the effect on the child.

However, under certain conditions, divorce can be the best choice for a married couple. Especially when the problem that is the source of the conflict is too complex to be resolved, or can no longer be tolerated. By taking the decision to divorce, each party can start their own better life.

In this case, there are several causes of divorce that often occur in society. A common cause of divorce is none other than the presence of a third person or infidelity committed by one or both parties of a spouse. For some people, this includes a big mistake that is quite painful and cannot be tolerated anymore.

In addition to infidelity, the cause of divorce in couples can also come from family economic conditions, addiction problems, stressful situations that have a severe impact, to incompatibility problems experienced by partners. Some of these causes are often the root of problems in marriages that end in divorce.

That way, each couple needs to understand some of these causes in order to anticipate and learn to build good and supportive relationships within the family.


The first cause of divorce is infidelity. This is a common cause that often occurs in married couples. In this case, one of the parties to the relationship of another person is in the middle of the marriage relationship.

For most people, the problem of infidelity is a serious mistake that is difficult to tolerate because it is enough to hurt the victim’s heart. This problem leads to the breakdown of trust in the partner so that the relationship becomes weaker and various problems can arise in the situation. Not infrequently, couples who experience this problem choose divorce as the best decision that can be made.

Economy problem

Economic problems are also one of the causes of divorce often experienced by the community. Living in poverty is very stressful, and financial stress can lead to fights that can lead to divorce.

Another issue related to money that can trigger an argument is the wife’s position as a successful career woman in her marriage. In this case, often the husband feels less confident because the wife can contribute more income than he can.

However, not all couples share this view. There are also couples who do not have a problem and consider the contribution of each party to be teamwork.

Addiction Problem

The next most common cause of divorce is addiction. If one of the parties in the couple has excessive bad behavior such as addiction to alcohol, sex, to work, it will certainly provide an uncomfortable atmosphere for his partner. This issue can be a source of trouble and contention in a marital relationship.

Moreover, when the behavior is still carried out even though the partner has warned to stop. If allowed to continue, of course, this marital relationship will be unhealthy and detrimental to one of the parties. It could be, divorce is the wisest way that can be done to solve problems in the household.

Stress Situation

Stressful situations that have a severe impact can also be the root cause of divorce in a marital relationship. For example, when one of the partners in the couple is diagnosed with a serious illness such as cancer, or when the spouse loses a child due to death. This can shake a person’s mental state so that it will indirectly create an unstable atmosphere in a relationship.

The pain of loss or pain becomes too much to bear, so the relationship can slowly drift apart until it can’t be saved. In this case, the relationship situation is indeed being tested. But for a healthy partner, it can certainly be a good support system, especially when in bad conditions so that everything can be passed.


The next most common cause of divorce is incompatibility. For couples who have many differences, it can certainly be a trigger for various problems in the relationship. Both in terms of religion, life values, principles, or thoughts. If this problem can not be compromised properly, it can certainly be a threat to the marital relationship.

Many people think that it’s important to talk things over before getting married. This is done in order to minimize incompatibility that can arise and become problems in the relationship.

In addition, a good and longer introduction period can also be an important factor that can anticipate this problem.

Irreconcilable Differences

The last cause of divorce is irreconcilable differences. Differences in views or perceptions of each partner can indeed be one of the factors that trigger problems. Moreover, if each party has a high ego and is not based on a good tolerance attitude. Of course, this will cause endless problems.

Various conflicts can trigger anger to hostility in a marriage relationship. If left for too long, of course this condition will lead to an increasingly tenuous relationship. Until in the end the choice of divorce is the best attitude that can solve the problem. That way, it is important to tolerate each other and know your partner well to create a healthy and harmonious marital relationship.

In a divorce, there are problems that are so complex, that it makes stress and exhaustion physically and mentally. And in the divorce process itself, there are new problems, such as the issue of child custody rights, seizure of property, and also legal regulations that are less known to everyone. Asking for information or legal assistance from a Divorce of Tulsa Law Office can be the best choice to ease our burden.