7 Smart Upgrades to Create a Smart Bathroom without Breaking the Bank

7 Smart Upgrades to Create a Smart Bathroom without Breaking the Bank

Many households have embraced smart devices in their house. These devices have made our homes true sanctuaries. Smart devices are not just limited to the bedroom, living room, and kitchen, they have invaded bathrooms too and transformed the whole experience actually.

I was researching Cox Internet plans and was distracted by an article about heated flooring in bathrooms. This would be so useful in winters to keep us from stepping on the chilly floor! So much more in smart devices is out there. From controlled toilets to vanity with a TV and smart shower experiences, these are the top smart devices that have changed the way homeowners are using their bathrooms:

1: Smart Faucets

Who says creating a smart home and a smart bathroom has to be expensive. You can always start small by changing the faucets first. These smart faucets are touch-free, and they turn on the water after sensing your hands. It’s hygienic and keeps you from wasting water.

Usually, smart faucets with a matte finish fit into every bathroom design. They are perfect for creating a minimalist impact.

2: Automated Lighting

No matter what the room, lighting has a huge role to play in creating an impact. How would you feel if these lights have motion sensing quality? It’s another simple yet powerful way to smarten up your bathroom.

This upgrade will reduce your energy bill and put you in control of the lights. The interesting part is that the color of the lights can be adjusted to create a visual impact. You can adjust the lights and change the color while taking a shower without touching the switches. How cool is that!

These automated lights come in a variety of designs, which will elevate the bathroom décor. Choose from any design that adds a touch of glamour to your bathroom. These lights will serve as the focal point.

3: Towel Warmers or Hand Dryers

Who doesn’t hate wet towels? What if I tell you can always ensure your towels remain dry and warm in winters? Smart drawers make that possible. They keep your towels organized and warm. If you would like to skip hand towels altogether, then install a smart hand dryer in your bathroom. This touch-free upgrade will dry your hands in about 12 seconds. It will also capture viruses and bacteria in the process. So it will be a hygienic upgrade.

4:Self-Cleaning Toilets

This toilet is the dream of every homeowner who loathes cleaning toilets. There are products that feature a traditional toilet seat design, except that it is a thermally self-cleaning model. It also has a built-in bidet with adjustable showers for both males and females.

The seat loses automatically before the rising. The automatic descaling program keeps the water-bearing parts limescale-free. There is also a touchscreen that lets you program the setting and personalize it according to your performance. You can program up to 4 user profiles.

5: Vanity Mirror TV

You have heard it right; the vanity combines an ultra-thin TV hidden behind the mirror. The TV appears through the glass magically and vanishes completely when it’s turned off. This is a luxury to be installed in bathrooms with Jacuzzi.

The TV also has built-in speakers. Since it is Samsung TV, it supports Android apps like Google video, YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, and more. Imagine watching your favorite show while relaxing in the Jacuzzi!  

6: Chromatherapy Bathtubs

If you ever had a bubble bath and thought what could be more relaxing, then it is time to think again. Chromatherapy bathtubs are here to transform the experience. You can also integrate this function in your traditional bathtubs to savor the experience.

This feature lets you change your mood with colored lights. When Chromatherapy is combined with hydrotherapy, this creates a more soothing effect. Stick to a constant color or a flowing sequence to enjoy your bath.

7: Automated Floor Heating System

Radiant floor heating is a new revolution that has made our bathrooms more comfortable. This floor heating system comes with a range of accessories to let you adjust the floor’s temperature using your smartphone.


These smart devices are great for modernizing your bathroom. Right now, they seem expensive, but as smart homes become the norm, it will be affordable for everyone to buy smart devices for their homes. Imagine clapping your hands to call Cox customer service from your phone without getting up! I am certainly looking forward to that!