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Signs Of An Unhealthy Relationship.

While most people in relationships still find their partners attractive, they are not in a healthy relationship. This very fact has led to many people staying in unhealthy relationships. Here is how you can tell whether the relationship that you are in is healthy or not, so you can go out there and find happiness.

The control with kindness is probably the best place to start as this is one of the most indirect signs that your relationship is unhealthy. There is a different kind of control, other than through fear and violence, the control by partners using your weaknesses. Whether or not they are the source of your happiness, the best partners will make sure that you are better and happy. The next one is the emotional blame where they claim that you are making a big deal over small matters, claim that you are exaggerating things and also too sensitive. They deflect whenever you want to talk about any problem and are never emphatic about your emotions.

Clingy coddling, as many people may not know, is never a sign of love and the partners may be even manipulation you. They will, for instance, make you feel guilty about spending time with other people which in turn makes you too isolated and depend on their company.

The unspoken standards are the other sign to watch out for. If your partners are trying to turn your choices, from the friends that you have to the clothes that you wear, into negatives, and then make you feel guilty or bad about them, then they are trying to change you and this is bad. Bad past relationships are usually also a sign that they cannot have an unhealthy relationship. Many people do not know that there is a difference between advice that is helpful, and people using the trust that you have in them to manipulate the decisions that you make.

If your partners have a short fuse, then this is a sign that you are in an unhealthy relationship. The fighting and the arguing may seem petty at first but maybe future blow-ups and if you cannot solve these like adults then this will also be a recipe for relationship strains. You should know when someone just needs you rather than love you, to avoid the emotional manipulations. Balance of power and trust are two main pillars of a healthy relationship. If you are in a relationship with one or more of these telltales, it means that you should start looking for better.

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