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Benefits of Playing Online Games to Children|Why Children Should Play Online Games|Advantages of Online Games to Children

Many people tend to believe that online games are just mere and addictive sources of entertainment to children. They believe that online gaming can bring about diversion to children. Bubble shooter is a type of online game played by children The game is played by popping color bubbles and aiming to score as many points as possible. Contradicting the traditional belief that online games are harmful to children, a good research has shown that online gaming is good for children. There are many benefits that come along with playing online games. This paper explains the importance of online gaming to children.

Online gaming enhances attention and concentration skills. Online gaming has positively impacted the lives of children. These action games require children to pay their full attention. Unless the game ends, the child has to stay focused the entire time. This has to be done in order to win at the game. Only by winning one is able to move to the next level. This is beneficial to children as they can use the same skills in other fields of life.

? Another thing that children learn from online gaming is the skills to multitask. In order to understand how this is made possible, you need to look at action games as an example. As stated earlier, these games demand that children be observant while playing. You are required to stare at a screen and move keys in the same time The games instructions to be followed by the child are shown on the screen. The instructions cannot be missed as failure to this will lead to the child losing the game. This ensures that the child can multitask by reading, understanding and reacting effectively.

Online gaming builds problem solving skills in children. Online games come with rules that children have to follow. This means that the child has to think carefully before playing. This ensures that they play while adhering to the rules of the game. The quick decision that the child must make will determine whether they will proceed to the next level of the game. When playing, you get to a hard level that you must break to proceed. This will require the child to think of ways to break the tough levels. This gives the ability of solving issues to the child..

According the findings of a good study, online gaming can develop a child’s brain. The child’s brain receives various stimulations when they are playing online games. The stimulations received by the brain are both audio and visual stimulations. Children who play online games tend to have a higher brain stimulations compared to others according to a good researcher. These stimulations ensure that the braid of the kid is continuously working. When the child’s brain is working continuously, the speed is enhanced.

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