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Key Factors That Should Be in Your Mind When Buying Composite Decking

In the old day’s people used to use Woods mostly cedar for residential decking but nowadays things have changed since there are many non-wood surface decking materials that are in the market. In the recent past the composite decking industry has realized growth due to the fact that they are more quality products coming up and also the fact that composite decking is cheaper than the wood decking. Here is what you need to know when you go out there to choose composite decking.

A true composite decking is made up of the combination of sawdust, plastic or also recycled bamboo that his bonded together with resins. It is vital that enquire from your local building inspectors about the type of material you can use for decks. Also, you should know that composite Lumber is not the best for structures that bear weight.

You can also use composite decking for putting up railings, fascia boards and stairway trades but this should be done after Consulting the local building inspectors. Another thing that you should know about the composite decking is that the top quality composite decking is more expensive than the wood decking, and you should select the decking that you can comfortably afford. Some of the composite deckings that has little or no texture at all can be slippery when wet, and you should take note of this before you use them as stairway treads or on the pool.

Another alternative to spending more money is to use the composite lumber for surface decking and using the railing, post caps, fascia boards and railing balusters for building the railing and other parts. When you visit the Design Centre you will be able to see a lot of designs and you can order a model that is special to you. Another thing that you should know when buying the composite decking is that it can get hot especially when it is hit by the direct sun, and you can have a difficult time sitting or walking on it.

When putting up your decks, ensure to shop for those with brighter colors especially when you live in a neighbourhood that is subjected to a lot of sun rays. When building a house in an area that receives a lot of scorching sun, then the composite decking is not the best choice, but you can still decide to construct an overhead shading so that you are able to reduce the Sunrays. Composite decking does not require staining, will never rot and you do not need to cut trees as it is made of recycled materials.

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