How to erase criminal records for a better life

How to erase criminal records for a better life

understanding of a criminal record

The criminal record is a list of sentences administered by the criminal court, and the perpetrators are called criminals. Criminal law institutions such as judges, prosecutors, and police have access to a person’s criminal record. starting from small cases to big cases written in full in the notes in detail. A person with a criminal record can become an obstacle to finding work in the future and is often ostracized by society. These obstacles include work, education, housing, social assistance, and so on.

In educational institutions, on average, they check someone’s criminal record, so that it is difficult for them to enter the desired educational institution. Likewise large companies in hiring someone.

Can the criminal record be erased?

In Oklahoma, criminal record deletions can be waived for certain types and offenses. This is done by the court, after a person’s criminal record is erased, no one will be able to see the criminal record, except by court order.

This is very helpful for ex-prisoners in improving their lives. They can look for work or education following their wishes without feeling anxious about their criminal record because it has been erased.

Criteria or requirements for criminal acts to be eliminated

Generally, minor crimes are easier to eliminate, than serious crimes. Of course, regulations in each country are different for these criteria. And the judiciary has the right to decide whether the criminal record is written off or rejected, taking into account the criminal rate, length of time, and the penalty for the first time erasure.

Of course, this is a little confusing for those who do not understand the law. As a material recommendation, the Oklahoma Expungement Lawyers are ready to help.

4 Important Roles and Benefits of Lawyers’ Legal Services

A lawyer is a profession that upholds law enforcement for the benefit of clients, whether they are individuals, groups, or legal entities that use these services. In carrying out his profession, a lawyer can be said to be a noble and honorable profession (Officium Nobile). Because in his job in addition to being a problem solver of a person, group, or legal entity affected by the legal problem, he also directly fights for legal rights that should be obtained or accepted by parties who feel aggrieved from these legal problems.

      At this time, both Individuals, Organizations, Companies, Schools, Foundations, or Small and Medium Business Entrepreneurs and others, it is very important to understand how important it is to have a lawyer who provides legal services and establish a legal service partnership or retainer with the lawyer or advocate. The question is, is it important and beneficial to use legal services from a lawyer? the answer is very important because having permanent lawyers whether we are individuals, organizations, companies, schools, foundations or small and medium business entrepreneurs and others is to protect and guarantee all aspects of our law as legal subjects when carrying out activities in this country. Of course, it is also certain that in the form of business or other matters, we will be faced with laws that can unconsciously cause harm to the legal subject.

And the following is a further explanation of the 4 important roles and benefits of lawyers’ legal services, both for individuals and legal entities or in other words, establishing legal service partnerships (retainers) with lawyers. Here’s the explanation:

1. Legal Opinion or Legal Opinion

Attorneys will provide Legal Opinions (Legal Opinion) to clients in terms of legal issues related to the Legal Issues they face. For example, in the Corporate World and/or Small and Medium Business Entrepreneurs (SMEs), such as providing legal opinions on Business Contracts, Agreements with Third Parties, Employment / Labor Issues, Analyzing (Review) Contracts or Business Agreements in a language that is easier for the Client to understand, Designing (drafting) a contract or agreement required by the client, problems regarding civil or criminal law, as well as providing opinions or legal advice on the continuity of the client’s business so that it remains in compliance with applicable laws in Indonesia.

2. Legal Assistance

Lawyers will provide legal assistance to clients in every business activity or activity related to law against third parties, for example, such as:

a. Negotiation in terms of disputes that arise in legal issues obtained by clients concerning civil law issues or criminal law.

b. Accompanying the client in matters of legal action such as buying and selling movable and immovable goods to protect all legal aspects that will not harm the client in the future.

c. Take necessary actions to prevent and/or recover losses, in the form of a collection of Accounts Receivable and Assets (Debt and Asset recovery) from clients.

3. Legality and Licensing

Ensuring that the legality and licensing of a client, especially a company, is still valid and following applicable regulations, such as company deeds, decrees and approvals from the Minister of Law and Human Rights, letters Domicile Information, Taxpayer Identification Number, Trading Business License, Company Registration Certificate, and other legality and permits.

4. Litigation

Attorneys will provide legal assistance, assist and/or represent clients in handling litigation cases involving clients either as Petitioners, Respondents, Plaintiffs, Defendants, and Co-Defendants in Civil cases. And also in criminal cases involving clients either as Witnesses, Reporters, Reported Parties, Suspects, or Defendants.