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Things to Consider When Buying High-Quality Cannabis

You will have the best smoking experience when you buy the top quality marijuana buds. You will experience a relaxing aroma, pleasant high and grit flavor when you buy quality marijuana buds. You may have visited a dispensary and found them selling bunks so you avoid them as your choice is only top quality buds. There are parameters you will use to identify top quality marijuana buds. Some of these factors are not easily identifiable, so you need to be very careful. You may have been a cannabis user for a longer time, but some of these parameters will be hard to identify. The things that are explained here in this article will, however, help you identify weed of top quality.

Feeling the smell is one of the ways to identify the quality of the weed. The aroma that the weed will produce when it is of good quality will be pleasant and pungent. You will find people referring to these flower scent as the loud or dark aroma. When you get this smell, you will know that the weed is of good quality. You will find terms like skunky, piney or diesel, used to refer to aromas of a high-quality weed. A good weed flower should have a pungent, distinct and strong. The smell should be an easy way to identify a good quality weed when you have been a smoker for a long time and learn more about cannabis flower here on this page.

A quirky and repulsive fragrance will be the characteristic of a poor quality weed. Schwag is the term referred to such weed, which is got from the bottom shelf. You will know that the weed is compromised, or aged when the bud is reeked and has mildew or musty scent. Marijuana has a shelf life of one year. Therefore, the weed that has been in the store for more than a year will start to degrade. When you want to know weed of advanced age, mishandling or poor curing, you will find them having a repulsive aroma.

You will also want to check on the appearance of the weed when you check on the quality. Vivacious display of colors is an indication that the weed is of prime quality. Besides the deep green color of the weed, the hairs on it should have an orange or flaming red color. There are some weed species that will have a deep purple or bright blue color. You will consider the presence of trichomes when you want to consider the quality of the weed. Good quality weed should be having many trichomes, that will show its therapeutic and intoxicating potency.