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Top Ideas on How to Make Returning Soldiers Overcome Post War Trauma

Combat stress is common with members of the armed forces who have spent considerable time in the war. Distressing thoughts of what they have gone through cloud their minds. Panic Attacks can lead to several physical and emotional responses which may not be right. They tend to isolate themselves with things that can create a reminder of war. Most of the time they may find themselves in worry or seeing things that will happen to affect them negatively. These people are easily angered by trivial things.

Returning soldiers are faced with mental issues that are related to what they have been doing. Post-traumatic disorder is common to these veterans. Warriors who have spent many years in the army find it hard to get back to the life of a civilian. The routine of the military system is no longer what they have to experience. What warriors go through in the battlefront makes them have a troubled future. You can find many volunteers who extend care to soldiers who are returning from war. Such organizations assist in creating an environment which can make the veterans acclimatize easily to ordinary life.

Veterans are taken through an apprenticeship that gives them skills to engage in different trades. Its necessary to keep them busy all the time.

Get them to engage in daily exercise. Outdoor activities that engage movement of hands and feet to make them shift their thoughts to what they are doing. Engaging in things like swimming, hiking, cycling can remove the sense of being vulnerable.

War veterans need to be trained on what to regulate their nervous system when they feel vulnerable. Train the soldiers on how to control their breath. One should also think of what use to calm you when you were on the battlefield.

Reconnecting with others is one way to overcome PTSD. Look for friends who give you attention even when you deserve it least. Seek opportunities to volunteer in helping someone who can need your help. Connect with people who are in similar condition as you. You may feel frustrated relating with folks who seem out of touch with your feelings but you have to choose to relate with them as they can offer you the support you need. Veterans should only speak about their war experiences if they feel free to do so. It is appropriate to seek assistance when push comes to shove. You may ask someone to listen to your stories which may result in great comfort as you are aware that your emotional problems are understood.

Veterans should be encouraged to care for their bodies. Healthy eating must be observed at all times. Aim to sleep for many hours as little sleep can lead to foul mood. Have incentives that will invite sleep as quickly as you get to bed. Avoid being hooked up in drugs.

Practical and Helpful Tips: Support

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