Real Charm of Diving Safari Red Sea Egypt


Egypt – the center of the cultural and spiritual life of the Arab countries, which has a great number of ancient monuments of the Egyptian civilization. There is also another unique treasure of the Red Sea, which rightly bears the name of one of the most exotic places on the whole planet. Due to the fact that the Red Sea does not flow into rivers that carry silt, the water remains clear from the surface to the bottom. The water temperature in the Red sea is warm even in winter and does not fall below +20 C, so the divers’ season and liveaboard trips in Egypt goes all year round.

The red sea and the diving in Egypt attract people from all countries to its unique and incredibly rich underwater world with colorful coral gardens, flocks of colorful fish, and wrecks with a large sea life below.

Interesting Places for Diving

If you want to get pleasure from the Red Sea diving safari you can visit starting with a small depth, where virtually is no current, which is very useful for practice. For more experienced divers and lovers of sunken ships, there are many wrecks located in shallow (10 m) and deep water.

During the dive, you can swim along the walls with beautiful coral gardens, pass through tunnels and small caves, and swim along the canyons. Here you will have the great opportunity to meet a wide variety of small fish and large marine life: Napoleon wrasse, stingrays, Moray eels, giant triggers, and many others.

Live Aboard Egypt Routs

Such sea ports of Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh are typical for the Northern routes. The main dive sites in this region can be defined by the following routes:

  • 1.The reefs and wrecks of the North. Making Safari on this route, you will have the opportunity to visit one of the most famous wrecks of the red sea – Thistlegorm. This British ship that was sunk by German bombers on 6 Oct 1941. Also on this route, you can visit the Abu Nuhas reef, which became fatal for four ships that are now in the depths near the reef: Janice D, Carnatic, Marcus, Kaymon M. Divers from all over the world choice Red Sea liveaboard to visit these wrecks. Near the coast of the Sinai Peninsula are another interesting wreck Dunraven and steamer and a sailing ship carrying spices and woods from Bombay to Newcastle, in March 1876, ran aground the reef Shaab Mahmud and quickly sank. The ship split into two parts: the bow of the ship is at a depth of 28 m., and feed on the 18 m. Inside the ship, you can see a huge number of GlassFish. Another attraction of the Northern red sea is amazing dive sites of the marine Park of RAS Mohammed: shark Reef and Yolanda, El Gaden, Jackfish Alley and others. Wall of shark reef and Yolanda go to a depth of 200 meters and is full of soft corals and different fish species. If you’re lucky, in the morning dive to see sharks. The Yolanda you can visit the wreck in 1980, Cypriot cargo ship carrying toilets that are still on the seabed.
  • 2. Sever + Tiran Strait. Making Safari on this route, you will be able to visit the main reefs and wrecks of the North, as well as to dive to dive sites of the Straits of Tiran, located on the Eastern side of the Sinai Peninsula. In the center of the Straits are four coral reefs: Gordon, Thomas, Woodhouse and Jackson.

Reef Gordon served as the reason of wreck of many ships. On the walls of the reef, you can observe a variety of coral gardens; you can often see parrot fish, fish-angels, surgeons, and various types of sharks sleeping on the sandy bottom. Sometimes you can find the Napoleon, sailing along the wall.

Thomas reef consists of several plateaus and has a very deep canyon. The reef itself is full of bright colors, with corals of various hues. In shallow water you can see a large crowd of fish, the only reason to go deeper than 20 meters is to explore the canyon. The red sea is the warmest and most close to the sea, also one of the best regions in the world because of the best service conditions, good quality of life and reasonable prices. Diving safari Red Sea Egypt provides a wide choice of vessels, yachts and dive centers – here you can find everything for all tastes and opportunities.