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Everything You Need to Know on Book Marketing Online.

If you thought you sucked at marketing then you are not alone because it is not my strong point either. The twist is that I can get good results if I put my mind into it. You can even call me an expert at marketing but the problem is that I am very lazy. I am not disciplined in investing time to write the blogs, post on my social media pages or even set up a PPC. It doesn’t get better on matters to do with monitoring traffic or writing marketing emails. It is work I would prefer to delegate. However, you will have to do all this if you have decided to publish a book independently. If that’s your plan then this is just the right article for you. There are pointers you will get on what areas you are weak at and what you can do to streamline the process. The first step is publishing and being optimistic.

In matters to do with publications, you cannot just be operating on hope that people will always pick your book. Unless yours is a household name already this is not what will happen. Looking at Amazon, there are more than six million ebooks at the moment. No matter the genre you pick, you will realize there are more than 2 million books already. This tells you that the competition is not a joke. You odds at being found on Amazon are better as opposed to publishing a Youtube video but better than being elected class president in high school. Amazon will not promote your work unless you have amassed at least 25 reviews. If this is not happening and you are not marketing your book, chances are you will be at the end of the pile in the genre. You have the potential to build a better clientele which is why you should be proactive when it comes to building your clientele.

Those who are on Twitter should always push their book links. If you join a writing community you will gain better visibility. However, there is a high chance that everyone in that writing community has written a book and when curiosity gets the better of them they can even click on your profile and check out who you are. Social sites were created for people to link up and if you start communing with them you will connect with them. If you follow many established authors you will realize that they mostly talk about the things that happen in their daily lives. Whether it is about their dogs, failures or even opinions, it all goes up.