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the Steps of Being Charged with Crime
Being charged with a crime can make you panic now that you don’t know what will happen at the end. The person who is aware of the court procedures when charged with a crime will have an easy time to adapt to the situation than someone who has no idea of what is going to happen. The other important things that you need to know is the laws that are related to your case. This website will help you to know your rights and the process that you will go through for your case.

The first thing that will happen is the charges and booking. You might be arrested immediately or later since it depends with the reason for being charged. The judge is the one to produce your arrest warrant so that the officers will start searching for you whether physically or manually. During your arrest the officers may not serve you with an arrest warrant but you should make sure you have it from the court so that you will know the mistakes you are charged with. Then, after that you will be taken to a local police department or jail where your fingerprints and mugshot will be taken. The next procedure involves a magistrate who is going to give you a bond or allow you to go fir until your next court hearing. If you are given a bond option then you have to make sure that you pay the bond as soon as possible since you cannot be released before you have paid it. However, to some people they are denied the bond due to the seriousness of the crime hence they have to remain in jail until when their case will be heard.

Secondly you will be taken for the court hearing. During that day when the judge will say you come back for hearing s/he will read your criminal charges and you as the defendant you are answerable to that. After the reading of your charges you can plead to be guilty, not guilty or no contest. It’s important if you have a lawyer who will be guiding you on how to take a plea on your case. When you have enough evidence you can plead to be non-guilty and if it’s proved beyond doubt then you will be released for free.

If you are not able to convince the court you are guilty the next step is to be sentenced. You history has to be considered before you are sentenced. You sentence will be cheap if you have never been charged before.