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As Sales Increase, More Tummies are Fed with Plexus

Plexus is now popular for being a company that caters to all the specific healthcare needs of their clients. This company focuses on the healthcare needs of people by providing with products that include health supplements, personal care items and even products that help them with their weight loss journey. Yet are you aware of the fact that it is not only their customers that concern Plexus? Recently, Plexus started a campaign in the hopes of helping end world hunger by giving out packs of groceries to poor areas in certain communities where tons of households are financially challenged. The main goal for this campaign is to help people reach out to the less privileged by simply purchasing Plexus products because now, they can do philanthropic deeds in their own simple ways.

Christopher Pair Garza, the President of Operations and International at Plexus says that they have thought of this concept because of their advocacy to give back to the people who needed assistance. Garza claimed that he himself came from a family where they struggle to make ends meet while he was young and he acknowledged the fact that food can really be a great problem for households. Therefore, they thought of this campaign to provide aid to the less fortunate families and give them packs of groceries to helpfully provide for their certain needs. But giving people free food is not Garza’s intention because he also provides them with inspiring talks that will hopefully help them get started and even offers them small business opportunities as well.

Many acknowledged Christopher Pair’s efforts to make this happen but according to him, he is not the only one who should be acknowledged because Plexus as a company made this happen. He even thanks those people who have supported this campaign from the very beginning as it will truly never succeed without their help. This is because in order to financially support this program, the customers themselves play a very important role since it is the money from their purchase that goes to the charity to provide financial support. However, this campaign is getting bigger because, from humble beginnings, they are now extending to international communities in the goal to eradicate world hunger. This campaign sure is the pride of Plexus most especially of the people who have helped in making it happen.

Click here to visit the Plexus website now to learn more about this campaign and how this company has done its part in helping fix world hunger in its simplest ways.

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