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Know Which Digital Marketing Trends For 2019

Research shows that by 2020, digital media expenditure will take almost 24% of the advertising budget. It is a huge growth from the current 15% today. We can thus say that digital media is an essential aspect in business. Today, those in digital marketing need to go for latest trends and updates.

The use of chatbots remains a top digital trend, and it replaces the live customer care people. With artificial intelligence, their marketing is popular as it provides robots who communicate with clients.

Marketers go for the progressive web apps and accelerated mobile pages, know to reduce load time in websites. The technology reduces the time your page gates to load on mobile devices to 0.5 seconds.

In 2019, one digital marketing technique on the rise is to use videos. Though many adverts were run on television, there are shared platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Netflix.

The marketers are using virtual reality and augmented reality, which is the latest digital innovation. The virtual reality gives a new environment, but the use of augmented reality place virtual items. They are used to enhance the client experience with services or products before they buy. It helps the clients not to return the goods.

The user-generated content is another trend used. The online stores like Alibaba and Amazon have tapped into marketing areas. The use of this trend allows the buyer to give their ratings and recommendations. The use of user-generated content helps recruit new clients.

It is good that you try artificial intelligence in marketing. To target the ads, AI is used to get the purpose and profile internet users. To help in customer experience, marketer use AI to power the chatbots that engages clients automatically. Client satisfaction is one thing required, and the use of AI helps in digital marketing.

You find many digital marketers using Omnichannel. Marketers talked to people using multiple channels. They applied emails, websites and social media independently. The Omnichannel make these platforms single and continuous, and tracking of customers become easier.

Marketers are now using marketing and personalization automation nowadays. People use automated email to ensure buyers find the relevant items and buy. It is now easy to curate content using search engines and marketing tools using artificial intelligence. The marketing company creates unique content that remains relevant to the target audience.

Nowadays, the use of voices search is becoming popular on certain platforms like Amazon and replaces typed searches.

For others, they prefer using the native ads. Visitors use ad clock software to block ads in their browsers. These native ads are applied as part of the content. A customer will start interacting with the ads.

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