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Why You Should Consider Eating Pancakes

Owing to the huge demands of modern life, about 54% of adolescents and 79% of parents can hardly come together for a family meal. Despite this not seeming very crucial, having family meals every now and then is actually very crucial in establishing better relationships between family members. Even though getting all family members together can be quite challenging, it is paramount for families to try and have a few family meals several times a week. One such meal should be a Sunday brunch, where chances of scheduling conflicts are very minimal. One food that comes to mind for such an occasion, is pancakes. The good thing about pancakes is that they are both easy to make and, they are quite fulfilling in the sense that they can help you kick start your activities for the day properly. To easily do away with premade pancake mixes, you should try out some healthy, creative pancake recipes. Healthy pancake recipes require you to favor the use of whole-grain ingredients, while avoiding excessive sweet toppings such as honey or maple syrup.

First of all, pancakes made following good pancake recipes are beneficial as a good source of carbohydrates. Considering that most pancake recipes contain flour as a key ingredient, it comes as no surprise that the pancakes become a source of carbohydrates. Pancakes made following a pancake recipe that is specific on the use of whole-wheat flour as a major ingredient, produce pancakes that are a healthy source of carbohydrate, adequate enough to take you through your day’s activities. Pancakes can provide adequate energy to kick start your day’s activities, since a stack of whole-wheat pancakes can offer roughly 30 g carbohydrates, while a stack of buttermilk pancakes worth about 200 cal, can provide 38 g carbohydrates.

Pancakes are also a good source of iron. A stack of whole-wheat pancakes can provide roughly 3 mg of iron, which is an essential mineral in our bodies. By consuming a stack of pancakes and consequently getting 3 mg of iron, you can easily achieve roughly 16-38% of your daily required iron intake, even though this is largely dependent on your sex and age. On the other hand, the buttermilk in pancakes can offer an additional 2 mg of iron. Just as carbohydrates help you feel energised, ion has a similar effect since they are essential for the functioning of certain immune cells, which help fight off pathogens. Additionally, iron is necessary for tissues to carry out oxygenation, which they need in order to produce the fuel they require to function well.

Another unsung benefit of pancakes is its fiber. By eating pancakes, especially whole-wheat ones, you can get plenty of dietary fiber. By stabilizing blood sugar, fiber helps to energize you.